Thursday, December 11, 2008

homemade pie

I'm working on making some flag bunting to hang on a bedroom wall. I sewed up 32 little 4 inch triangular flags last week and after doing so, am glad that I didn't try patching them together like I had first planned. Just sewing the edges of the little triangles was finicky enough for someone like me who is more into instant gratification than long processes, lol!

Speaking of which, I was talking to my husband the other night on our drive home from the fabric store about bunting. You see, I had just bought some Bias Tape to use as the string to hang the flags on for the bunting and was explaining what it was to my husband - of course, he hadn't actually asked. I said that some purists say that you are cheating to buy your bunting for the quilts instead of making it yourself. I figure, since I already put all this work into making the dang quilt, why should I spend all this extra time making the binding myself when I can just buy it for $2 at the fabric store? Though, quilts with pretty, patterned binding really look great, and, I guess you could use that argument for either side... I put all this time into making the quilt, why would I stop putting in the time, now?

It got me on the train of thought of baking pies. Why put in the time to make the crusts from scratch when you can buy them at the store all pre-made and frozen, or in a box, or in a dreaded Pillsbury container in the cooler? And why put in the time to make the filling from scratch, for that matter, when you can buy it in a can? But then, if you're going to just buy the filling and the crust premade, why not actually just buy a whole premade pie from the bakery section of the store? It'll probably be cheaper in the long run, and has a much lower chance of burning when you forget to set the timer - seeing that you don't have to bake it at all.

That's a ridiculous train of thought and probably the very reason why so many supposed homemakers these days don't know how to do a simple thing like bake a pie, also the reasoning behind the majority of the chemical filled, mass produced, tasteless foods out there! It doesn't quite taste like Nana's, but it is a heck of a lot more conveinant. Oh, convienacy, the cruel mistress of the Western world... the reason why everything is going into the crapper!

Everything is about saving time; so much so that we now have to find ways to fill the time we managed to free up. And then, all those extra expenses like tv, movies, video games, recreational ventures, magazines, computers and expensive toys, are making Daddy work overtime again tonight to pay for them... plus, Mommy is busy with a full time job since we need two incomes to make ends meet these days... good thing there's all those convienant home appliances, store-bought meals, and take-out restaraunts to do Mommy's job at home while she's busy working to pay for them.

What do you think is more sad? Going through all the trouble of making a pie from scratch and having it burn in the oven, or burning a pie in the oven that was made from a can of filling and a frozen pre-made pie crust, so the only thing you really had to do was put it in the oven at the right tenperature for the alotted time? LOL!!

...all this said, I still am going to use the store bought bias tape for my sewing project instead of making my own. I mean, seriously, if I'm going to argue myself into home-made-is-best submission, I might as well start growing cotton plants and apple orchards so that I can REALLY make my apple pies and cotton quilts from scratch :p

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