Thursday, June 18, 2009

40 Weeks Pregnant

Today is my predetermined due date and I'm a little disappointed, frankly, that nothing is happening in the labor department as of yet. My first child was born on his due date and I was hoping to make a habit of that... I am the type to be on time, after all. Oh the shame of having to go to the hospital on my due date for a non stress test instead of going to have the baby. LoL, Yes, it may be silly to find that shameful, but women are silly creatures.

It isn't really that I am sooo uncomfortable that I just need to get this baby out. My first child was 9lbs and sitting high... every time he kicked it felt like he was going to break through my rib cage. This pregnancy, the baby seems to still have a lot of room in there. But still, waiting for nine months... well, actually, ten months if you want to be technical... is not an easy task. And these last few weeks have been the worst. I've been nervously waiting and wondering when, where and how I will go into labour... what it'll be like... how bad it'll be... how I'll do when it comes time to get to the hospital and especially when it comes time to start to push. These are things that are not fun to be thinking about for weeks on end. And it feels SO long because we actually were expecting the baby to come early.. so, I've been worried about when I'll go into labour since I was probably 34 weeks... a long time to wait and worry when you're not a patient person to begin with!!

But it is nice to just be pregnant. My mom is staying with us for support and so that someone'll be here to take care of our son when we have to rush to the hospital. I've not been doing very well these last few weeks (have become anemic and haven't been sleeping... and yet, still, this pregnancy is better than my first, lol) and so I have been allowing my mom and my husband to spoil me a bit, lol. It is much easier to feel crappy and be spoiled than to have a brand new baby to tend to on top of your regular tasks... haha! But still, waiting and wondering is a pain!!

I finally got a little shack of a house for my Farm Town... lol! I'm so proud of the stupid little thing. I landscaped my yard with white lilies and red roses. I bet it would smell so nice if it were real, lol. Mom took one look at it and said that the house was too far from the barnyard... haha... she's right, I think I will relocated it, eventually.

I've been nervous to plant any new crops because I don't want them to go to waste while I'm in the hospital having a baby!! Especially because I'm so low on money right now from purchasing the barn and now the house... I probably wouldn't have enough money to replow and replant everything after letting it all go to waste. Hah. I'm still hoping to save up enough money to put some ponds or a river through my property. LOL, I just love SIM-like games. I'm such a dork.

So, I bought a bunch of cute CANADA-themed wood stamps at Michael's last week and am itching to do a 'Canada Day' themed layout... but I want to do something really fun and possibly 'artsy' and have no idea where to start. I've been trying to find some good examples online but there's nothing. Don't Canadian scrapbookers post their Canada Day themed pages online? Seriously!! How un-patriotic is that? If you (you being anyone out there that actually reads this) have a Canada themed layout or know of a place where I can find some posted online, pleeeeaaase do speak up. I would love to see them!! I'll post my layouts from previous years a little later if I remember to... they aren't fabulous, but they are Canadian in theme.


Jules said...

Good luck Mrs. Dude... it'll be any day now and I'm thinking of you!!! Push 'em out, push 'em out... Waaaaaaaay out!!!

Yeah... good ol' Bill cosby!

Jules said...

I heard you had your baby!!! Congrats, Sistah!!! Proud Mommy for the second time!!!