Friday, June 12, 2009

Farm Town, Farm Town.. Here we Come!

Ridiculously Addictive!
Farm Town, a game application on Facebook, has taken over my life! lol! Remember all those old SIM games that we used to play on our Windows 95 computers and whatnot? Sim Town, Sim City, Sim Park, Sim Farm, Sim.... I don't even know what all there were of that SIM theme, but they were fabulous! I don't like video games, but those 'old school' SIM computer games were awesome. I wish their old versions were available to purchase for Windows XP! But Farm Town has arrived and it is filling that 'void' in my life, lol!! (I like Molehill Empire, too!)

Although it can be TEDIOUS as your farm expands to have to plow and seed all those little fields, and your avatar can be such a butt walking all over the place, and sometimes certain items are hard to click on the first, second and third attempt... the game is still so fun! Or maybe it isn't fun, it is just addictive and I'm just a hopeless addict... either way, I have to check on my farm a few times a day, every day! Right now I'm trying to save up some coins to buy a farm house, a bit more land, and get some ponds or a river put in. I spent most of my money when I bought a barn and had to move some of my corrals around accordingly this morning... so, I'm hoping to make some serious money from harvesting mine and other people's crops for them in the next few days, heh heh.

I love my farm on Farm Town, it is really starting to look 'pretty', hehe...

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