Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Kitten Cheeks

I meant to post here sooner but me behind is having a hard, long recovery and the chair in front of my computer is wooden! Anyhow, I had my baby on June 20th and was blessed to find that I got my girl! I wanted a girl so badly that I feared I'd cry if a boy came out... so for baby's sake, its a good thing she's a she, lol!! Oh, I'm sure I'd have loved the baby regardless, but I'm so glad that I got my little girl! SO happy! She is so precious and wonderful and I feel so blessed :)


Jules said...

And absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, Sara... you and T make a sweet looking child together!!! Congrats again and cheers to a healthy recovery! (((HUGS)))

Mrs. Dude said...

thank you Jules!!! :D