Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red, White and BOOM!!

In celebration of the upcoming 4th of July, I have made a 2-page scrapbook layout to sell on Ebay! It was a lot of fun and SO much work as I thought it would be fun to piece together red stripes on a white background in a brick or quilt sort of fashion!! Oh BOY! It took me ALL DAY to do this crazy layout but I think it turned out pretty spiffy and I just love the colours... almost makes me wish I was heading down to the states for the celebrations just so I could use the layout myself, lol!!

Check it out here

Tomorrow I really need to work on getting the house in order... spend one day playing in your scrapbooking room and the rest of the house goes completely chaotic! OH THE MESSES!!! Sometimes I think I must be the worst person in the world to have kids as messes and untidiness drive me completely batty! Sometimes being in a dirty, messy room drives me to tears... so, I really shouldn't go in my son's room anytime soon, lol! Or the living room, or the media room, or the kitchen... let's just say, the house needs some cleaning tomorrow! Heh heh.

Have a good night everyone!
Mrs. Dude

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