Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Backyard Princess

Finally, I finished this 2-page-layout!

Personally, I think it is absolutely charming... but, I'm worried that it looks a bit plain in photographs. Somehow the cute and whimsical charm of the piece just didn't translate well onto the computer - I would hate to blame the photographer (me, heh heh) but I think that might be part of the problem. Maybe I will take the pages outside and photograph them in the grass for a more "backyard" feel.

I like the bold reds and blacks and the slight "graphic" look of the patterned paper I chose, coupled with the girly pastels and the whimsical look the buttons and glitter give. I just plain think it is so cute, lol... and I'm proud of myself for using so many buttons at once. I love my buttons and other embellishments, but I am so thrifty that I fear using a lot on a single layout for cost reasons, heh. I've really been trying with my layouts, lately, to use more embellishments... cuz I love seeing all the pages posted online that are just covered in embellishments, lol

It is kind of fun to do these types of layouts because they are so outside of the style I use to scrapbook my own photos. When you create pages just to create pages, instead of creating pages around photos, you really get to do whatever the heck you want and that's fun.

BTW, I was a little distraught after mailing out my 4th of July layout because I found out that the shipping cost $2.50 MORE than what I had charged for S/H... stupid S/H costs!! I think I'll just have to stick to doing mini albums for selling on eBay.

My next few ideas for layouts are much more involved and will be SO cool if they turn out... most involved paper piecing and homemade embellishments. This one was a little more simple, but cute...

Anyhow, my little baby girl is alreayd three weeks old - will be four weeks old this Saturday, wewt! She weighed 10lbs 6 ounces at her last weigh in and is getting cuter by the day. Only down side is my son brought home a nasty cold that little baby girl and I both contracted and are feeling awful because of it. Having to be up all night with a sick baby is even worse when you're sick too!!


Jules said...

Adorable layout, even more adorable sweet baby!!! Thank you for the little visit today, it was nice and super secial to get to hold her!

Mrs. Dude said...

thanks for coming! was good to see ya! how was the train?