Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving, Cleaning, Organizing... eep!

We're working on moving my son downstairs into the room that currently is my computer room, and moving all my crap upstairs into his current room... yes, a big switch-a-roo. Also, we're cleaning out our storage locker so that we can be putting that $100 a month into savings instead of the storage locker people's pockets. Tomorrow, Mom and my kids and I are going out there to go through the mess that is the storage locker and will somehow manage to get everything sorted so that on Friday night my Uncle can come with his truck to move our stuff to their allotted destinations. Lots of work ahead of us there! I'm looking forward to having my stuff upstairs so that there's room to put in a newly purchased piece of furniture that has been waiting in the garage for the last two months, heh heh... Im so excited... its a big shelf of sorts with slots in it for 12x12 papers... yay, scrapbooking stuff, lol!

Speaking of which, I have ideas for three different mini albums to make to sell on Ebay... if I can get a chance to make each of them in the next weeks, that would be fantabulous. I really really really hope I can get a bit of a customer base for this sort of stuff because then I can start feeling good about my hobby instead of feeling like another money sink... errrr.... heh heh

Actually was able to get a few mini paintings done today! Four, actually! They are ATCs... Artist Trading Cards... and are each 2.5 x 3.5 inches... quite small.... here's one of them; it may not be the best of the four technically, but I really love how the colours turned out.

Thanks for reading :D


Jules said...

Beautiful little card, Sara!!

So how come you didn't just choose to have your scrapbooking space downstairs?

Hope the move and great locker clean out went well!!

Mrs. Dude said...

well, jules, our bedroom is downstairs so i wanted us all to be sleeping on the same level at night... i didn't want widdle jayden to be upstairs all by himself... i sleep better with my babies closer to me :p Kind of a double edged sword, though, because during the day he's usually downstairs all by himself if he wants to play in his room, heh. I can't wait until we can build our own house :p