Friday, July 24, 2009

Race Car Cake recipe at

**Race Car Cake recipe at

This looks simple enough for me to pull off for Jayden's birthday! Except I'm not going to use a store bought cake, how lame is that? Seriously. I'm planning on making a rainbow cake and then shaping it into a race car... yeah, I dunno how I'm gonna accomplish it yet, but I have time to figured it out... heh, but oh man, wish me luck, cuz I'm not magic in the kitchen.

Silly Jayden, he's already telling me his birthday plans and his birthday is in October, lol. He listed off almost every person he knows when he was telling me who he wants to invite, and he listed off a long list of toys he wants for his birthday, and he also gave me the menu for his birthday supper. My goodness... hahaha... can you believe this will be his third birthday?


Jules said...

Well done finding the cake! It looks small though.. might want to use two pound cakes pressed together... or 4 and then just trim the front two! Love how excited our little boys are about everything, hey? Do you remember a time when you were rally truly excited about life like that? :O)

Mrs. Dude said...

Yes, having kids is so much fun for that... it lets us relive the excitement of childhood. I get just as excited about stuff as him, now, because I'm excited for him, heh heh.