Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing, Growing, Gone...

My sweet baby girl... I so look forward to watching you grow up... to seeing what you look like at Jayden's age, to dressing you in all the cute bigger clothes I got from your baby shower (lol), to see how you develop your own personality, to see what interests you have and talents God gave you... but being a Mommy is such a bittersweet job!! Soon you won't be a baby anymore, I've already begun to learn the hard way with your brother before you, that every moment with my children is so very fleeting. Already are gone the days of my sleepy newborn, already you have changed so much... and every day you get bigger, stronger, and more beautiful... and one step closer to leaving your sweet infanthood behind. I love to hold you and cuddle you and it breaks my heart to know that it won't be long and baby-you will be gone!

Look at those two sleepers! What a difference two months makes!

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