Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Hand-Me-Down' Some Nostalgia

My mom saved all her favorite baby dresses from when I was a baby and so, when I had my sweet little baby girl this summer, she brought them out of storage so that we can dress her in them. So, yesterday morning I put Alysha in one of them for a little photoshoot. Taking nice photos of babies who can't yet sit up is difficult, especially when you want to showcase the dress they are wearing.

I didn't have a plan in mind of how I was going to do it, so I just kind of puttered around draping white blankets over things and putting her on them to take photos... after I'd take the photo I'd see what settings on my camera I wanted to adjust (not a lot of play with on a point-and-shoot elph, though) and what I should change with her surroundings. The best photos of her are the first ones because she was smiley and in a good mood... but of course the background isn't all pro looking in the first ones. The last ones I finally had everything set up so the background looked fairly clean but none of those look very nice because she's all tired and grumpy, lol.

So, I'm just posting the first ones of when I was still messing with everything and you'll just have to refrain from commenting on the crappy backgrounds to save my feelings ;)

Irony... although the dress I took these photos in was cute and was one of the ones I wore as a baby, it wasn't the one mom had meant when she said she wanted photos of Alysha in my old dress. Lack of sleep makes me stupid, I guess. There was a different pink dress Mom had wanted photos of Alysha wearing... so, now I have to do it all over again. LOL! But I think I'd like to invest in some really big white sheets so that I can cover more than a four foot area to take photos in front of... because otherwise I've very limited in the angles I can take the photos at, as you can plainly see in some of these pictures, lol!

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