Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"One Month Old"

.....yay, scrapbooking!

"A" is for Alysha... my sweet baby girl... born June 20th, 2009

Look at her SWEET little foot prints!


I traded sleep for some scrapbook time tonight and actually got a page of my new little baby girl done!

This is a big deal for me as I am usually really liberal with my use of embellishments... but, I really enjoy the layouts that are a little "over-the-top" with embellishing... so, stepped out of my comfort zone tonight and stuck a lot of stuff on this page, lol!!

I'm not sure if I'm super happy with how it turned out. I do love the curve of buttons, brads, flowers and bling and from now on will be trying to step out of my comfort zone more often with my scrapbook pages! But some of the stuff on the page just isn't 100% how I'd like it... maybe later I will go back and change some stuff.

Some of the colours look a little wrong together, like perhaps I used too much of that gold colour... but in person they tie together a bit better than they look in the photo... and the white paper that the footprints are on looks pretty stark against everything else... maybe I'll mat it with the dark brown. Not sure I like the font or the white foam of the letters... but with no cricut and a limited supply of alpha stickers and no prior plan for this page, i had to use what i had. Overall, though, I think this was a successful expeiment :)

I'm definitely going to regret staying up past midnight to scrapbook come morning when my two year old and two month old are both awake and I am soooo tired... lol, but so happy to have made some time for scrapbooking.

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