Saturday, August 8, 2009

PONIES and more...

My friend, Lesley, and I went out to see the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions perform here in our city last night. Good times and Pretty horsies!

It is definitely one of those things that every horse crazy little girl should get to do in her life... sadly, I never got the chance to go as a child... but that's okay, I got to go now, and I'm still childish... heh heh. An old cowboy and two little girls sat infront of us which made me think of when I was a little horse crazy girl and my Uncle Darrell would take me to horse events and how much I looked forward to those days. I miss Uncle Darrell so much... it hasn't even been a whole year since his passing, and yet it feels like an eternity since I saw him last.

Anyway, off that sad topic... Lesley was the perfect buddy to go with. We were both so excited to be out of the house and away from the kids, and both so excited to get to see the pretty horses. You really need to have an appreciation for horses to get the biggest kick out of something like this. I kind of felt like a big dummy, though... these horses are so fabulously trained in the ART of Dressage... a riding artform first imagined in Greece in 400 BC... and here, I grew up riding farm nags and broncs in the most informal western way possible, lol... but yeah...

Anyway, the horses were JUST BEAUTIFUL, as would be expected. Lesley and I had fabulous seats and spent most of the time fumbling with the settings on my camera in hopes of getting some stellar photos. After the show, we drove straight to Walmart just before it closed to get copies of the photos instantly printed for Lesley at the photo kiosk... yes, we are that lame... HEY, as long as we're having fun. Two horse enthusiasts and scrapbookers go to a royal horse show.. what do you expect will happen? btw, the first photo is of one of the Lippi Studs performing the 'Courbette' and the second is one performing the 'Capriole'... these both had battle applications, back in the day, I believe.

My cousin, his wife and their two kids are coming over for lunch today and then we're going out to the Mopar Meet here in town. Hubby and I try to go every year. LOL, the other extreme of my interests, haha. I'm looking forward to it... I wish I could see more of my cousin and his family... it is so great to be with them... and their kids are almost exact ages as ours, so, it is great for Jayden. Hopefully there's a good turn out for fancy Mopar cars this year... YAY... Chargers, Cudas, Challengers, ...Oh My! This is definitely one interest that I share with both hubby and son, which makes it so much more fun.

Tomorrow, a bunch of my cousins with kids are going to the ZOO and we were invited to go to. I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it! Going to the zoo AND going with my cousins! YAY! But, we've been promising to take out so to the zoo WHEN he poops on the potty for months and months ... and he still has not done it. So, heartbreaking for me as it is, I'm gonna have to suck it up and not get to spend a day with my cousins... we just couldn't take him to the zoo when he's being so darned stubborn about pooping on the potty. He can pee on the potty like a pro, but he refuses to try to poop on the potty. He knows that we plan on going to the zoo tomorrow IF he poops and that we will NOT be going if he doesn't poop... finally, he got so annoyed with us constantly bringing it up and constantly trying to get him to go to the potty to poo, that he said he didn't want to go to the zoo, anyway. GAH, kids are such jerks sometimes! :p


Jules said...

yay! sounds like you had tons of fun! I didn't even know what Lipizzaner's were... should have googled it, I guess!

the poop on the potty thing was SO hard for Nate too. Initially, I had to feed him these kids probiotics that just sort of made you have to poo, and I just kept him in his underwear, never a diaper, and scolded him for pooping his pants (made him help clean himself up) and before too many accidents he started to get the point. But it was about 4 months of potty training until he actually started to initiate the poo on the toilet thing himself. Now it's just learning to wipe. Yuck. Sorry to hear about the zoo thing! I love zoos!

Mrs. Dude said...

Yuck, why do boys have to be so icky? lol!!

Google is wonderful :p

We ended up going to the zoo anyway, hah! Arent we consistent parents, errr... but the next day Jayden pooped on the potty! wewt! But hasn't done so again since... errr..