Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Face

Yay! I can cross one of those pages off my list that I wrote up in my last post. Got this page done today... I was just puttering around wondering if I had any patterned paper that'd match those photos, and found that this paper worked well with it... well, one thing led to another, and suddenly I was scrapbooking in the middle of the day! Oh dear! I look up and see that it is suddenly 4:00 in the afternoon, meaning, my son had been watching tv for almost three hours... WHOOPS! Better not make a habit of this, either of us, lol!

I think he was getting a bit jealous of how many photos Ive been taking of Alysha and that I seem to always be scrapbooking photos of her lately, so I showed him his Baby book... heaviest scrapbook on the shelf! LOL! Some of the photos of him in there are INTERCHANGEABLE with Alysha's current photos... wow, I wasn't sure how a like they looked until now.

Anyhow... I better get started on supper! Man, today just flew by... crazy how time flies when both kids are being quiet!

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