Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Day!

What a Beautiful Day!

The geese have flown and the leaves are turning.. and yet it was hotter today than it was most of the summer! I had to go buy some diapers and decided instead of going straight home afterward, I'd take the kiddies to Heritage Ranch for an hour or so. I am SO GLAD that I did! It was so nice out and so beautiful! What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Last year around this time, Jayden and I took Mugsy for a walk at Heritage Ranch and I was able to take the cuuuutest photo of Jayden and Mugsy in front of a pretty, yellow tree. It was one of those perfectly timed photo taking moments. Jayden and Mugsy were running around, but stopped in front of a beautifully yellow tree just for a moment. Somehow I managed to snap a great photo of him in that moment. It is enlarged, framed and on our wall!

So, this year, even though I knew to be skeptical, I was hoping to get another great photo. I took as many as I could, but just couldn't get Jayden to look at the camera and smile at the same time... Men just can't multitask, lol! So, I was a little dishearted! But when I got home and started to look through the photos once I got them on the computer, I saw this one and thought it was pretty great. He's not looking at the camera and it doesn't have Alysha in it, but I love it! And don't you just love that cute one of Alysha with a lady bug on her head? Dawwwww!!

Fall is a great time for outdoor photos ;)


shell said...

omg, how cute is the pic with the ladybug! That has scrapbook potential written all over it! It was too hot yesterday for me, but at least there's lots of shade at HR.

Mrs. Dude said...

yeah, it was wicked hot.. and Jayden was wearing a long sleeved shirt... sheesh!! lol!

Jules said...

Aww!! Alysha is blessed with a lucky life after that, you know!! Beautiful photos of both!