Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garage Sale SCORE!

Hubby passed a garage sale when driving home from work last night and could see from his car that it was FULL of baby and kids stuff - So, of course, he had to stop. He got this hot wheels track for $2... score! He was really excited to show it to our son when he got home, lol, I think I have two boys.

I was a little grumpy last night and this morning that I had to be home alone again with the little ones today (SATURDAY!!!) just like I've been all week because Hubby decided to work today. So, I decided that I was going to at least get one scrapbook page done today even though I'm stuck home with the kids - today is the all-day crop with the ladies at my church. So, I did this layout... it is pretty simple, but I love it... I love those clean lines... I scrap-lifted it from elsewhere but can't remember where, now.


Jules said...

If you ever want company and someone for your babes to play with, gimmie a call, Sis... lots of time I'm just looking for something to do. Plus, Nate would love T's new find, I'm sure!

Mrs. Dude said...

I would love that!