Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Up-To-Date

Here are some layouts I've done in the past... since I'm much slower at getting pages done these days what with two little ones bothering me all day long, instead of one - LOL, of course I mean with two little ones to take care of instead of one. So, other than the two-page-layout above, these are all from my 2008 album.

I've been scrapbooking only ever since my first child was born (almost 3 years ago) and so, I've been able to scrapbook the photos AS I've taken them and I've been doing all my albums in order. I have a baby book for my son, then a 2007 book, a 2008 A book, 2008 B book, and now a 2009 book. I'm starting to get a wee bit behind now that I have the two kids instead of just the one, but I am bound and determined to keep at it and try to keep even remotely caught up... at least staying within the same year would be ideal, lol.

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I've got a secret weapon, though. I used HERITAGE MAKERS to do some of my pages digitally this year. So, I've done TWENTY FIVE of my 2009 scrapbook pages digitally. It would be cheaper with Heritage Makers to just do an actual hard cover book for each year than to do a bunch of separate 12x12 pages digitally, but I'm not ready to completely give up traditional scrapbooking. I just wanted to keep caught up. So, other than a few Easter pages and one page that I want to do about the first quilt I made (this last January), I am actually only two months behind on the scrapbook for 2009. WOW, right? LOL... yay for digital scrapbooking... so quick and easy... and with Heritage Makers the pages look beautiful and are printed on such nice quality papers.

I have so many plans for different pages that I want to do, though. It is so hard not to go overboard when you have a sweet baby girl who can't take a bad picture and there are so many cuuuute girly papers and embellishments at the local scrapbooking store, lol!! Hmm... lets see what I have planned for my scrapbook pages of photos already developed...

1 page of my first Quilt
1 page of Dying Easter Eggs with Jayden
1 page of Jayden hanging plastic Easter eggs on the trees in the front yard
1 page showcasing my fave photo of Alysha as a newborn
1 page of Trav and Jayden & remote control truck
1 page of Trav and Jayden in paddleboat
1 page of beautiful rainbow photo I took
2 page layout of Alysha wearing grandmother's baby dress
1 or 2 page of Lippizzaner Stallions
1 & 2 page layout of our trip to the zoo
1 page of my cute photos of Alysha smiling
1 page of "Growing" with photo of her newborn & 2 month sleepers

and then a have a few other pages I might want to do if I can get all those done before too much time has past... lol, way to go overboard with summer layouts! sheesh, hey? This is why I needed two books to fit my 2008 pages in, and really I should have used three books as both of the 2008 books are bulging, lol. The really pathetic thing is, I also have two photo albums full of photos from 2008 that didn't make it to scrapbook pages... I guess my children's childhoods are just really WELL documented... errr!!! haha

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