Friday, September 4, 2009

Scrapbook Pages, Yay!

Yay, I finished the second page for the 2-page-layout that I had planned! Strike those two pages from my to-do list! Like the photo of the pages together that my son decided to model last minute? haha.

So, sometimes, like in this case, when I do 2-page-layouts, I use similar photos and similar papers, but the two pages might actually be different from each other. These photos were from the same day, but they were two different ideas... which is why each page got a title. This one's title came from my blog post; "Growing, Growing, Gone".

I just can't help but feel a bit of melancholy nostalgia when I hold my sweet Alysha May, having gone through this all before with Jayden. Our children are precious and little for way too short a time... Jayden is still a little guy, but I already feel that sad feeling when he sits on my lap and is much bigger than the tiny baby version of him that I had only just under three years ago.


Jules said...

I love the pages, very sweet! And boy do I get what you're saying with the whole little boy growing too fast bit. I miss Nate being so tiny... but it's hard, because I love seeing the person he's becoming too..

Mrs. Dude said...

yes! its so exciting to see them develop... with this second child, I'm already familiar with the joys of a lot of the growth milestones that Alysha is going to be hitting in the next few years.. and so, I'm excited to see her grow and change... but at the same time, I'm also so aware of how quickly time goes by and who quickly they'll leave their stages behind and how much I'll miss those baby stages as they get older. We haven't decided yet if we're going to have more kids or if we're done now that we have the two... but I'm thinking I'm done - not set in stone, I'm sure my husband could sway me yet, but thinking that we might just be done having kids, its a little bittersweet to watch her grow because every time I hug my tiny, cuddly baby, I think that pretty soon I won't get to do this ever again. SO sad! But life is change :)