Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grumpy Girls need Kisses!

This time last week, the toddler got sick... I spent so much effort trying to keep him from getting the baby sick! But a few days later I got sick and of course, the baby got sick a day after that... then yesterday, the husband stayed home from work because he was sick. So, now, we're all sick. I wish that if I have to get sick, I could just be sick... but no, the Mommy always gets the short end of the stick with bouts of sickness... not only do I have to suffer with being sick, but I have to play nursemaid to everyone else.

This is why I hate hate hate getting sick! I don't get really sick for a few days and then get over it, I get sick for weeks because I never get enough sleep to get over being sick! Was up the entire night last night with the baby because she's not figured out that when her nose is stuffy, she should breathe through her mouth. So, she'd be trying to suck on her soother and breathe through her nose while sleeping and then would wake up coughing and wailing every five minutes because she had stopped breathing for a moment.

Anyway, enough complaining... here's a sweet little scrapbook page that I managed to do over the last week. This morning I spent two hours getting all my photos from the summer up until now organized so that I know what I'm doing for every scrapbook page that I'm behind on when I finally get to it. My Aunt and I are trying to have a scrapbook retreat the first weekend of November, but we'll see if I can even find a babysitter, heh! I really hope it works out because I really need a break and I'd really like to get ahead on my scrapbooking.

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Jules said...

I just woke up today with a serious case of mucus in my head. It's gross, runny and I can't stop sneezing. Ugh. Lovely for Si... I'm sure he didn't want to be sick while he was here for the 3 short weeks!