Friday, October 30, 2009

Imagination is a Gift from God

I think it is SO lame that children are encouraged to grow OUT of their imaginations as they mature and grow into adults.

Imagination is a gift from God, definitely. It is something that sets us apart from the other creatures that crawl upon this earth and places us closer to God, owner of the ultimate imagination.

What's even sadder are the children with those overly practical parents who won't even indulge their imaginations while they are in the prime of childhood. Yes, it is important to keep a firm grasp upon reality, and yes, there's something to be said about practical people. But you miss out on a lot if you can't enter the fantasy realm every so often. Oh, the possibilities you can find when you mix a little creativity into your lives! How lost and backward the world would be without the dreamers!

That said... I came across this today... FAIRY DOORS!
I am, without a doubt, going to put one in our house once we purchase/build one for ourselves.

Some websites that sell them can be found here, here, and here. I'd probably just go to a craft / hobby store and buy a doll house door to finish myself, though... as it would probably be cheaper.


Jules said...

Fairy Door?! That's adorable and I want one. Is it too late to add that to my secret sister likes list?!?

Mrs. Dude said...

i know hey!