Friday, October 16, 2009

It is Past My Bedtime!


Don't you hate it when once in a while you actually get both the toddler and the baby to bed on time and everyone is asleep and YAY, you can actually lay down and go to sleep... but, you're not used to it, so, can't fall asleep! You lay there for half an hour and just can't empty your head of all the thoughts and feel really restless. You're thinking, this is my chance to get a few more hours of sleep, I need to just fall asleep! FALL ASLEEP! Of course, you can't... so, you get up. Well, here I am! lol!

Above is a photo of a slice of cake from Jayden's B-day party. His birthday was Oct. 4th... my little boy is 3 years old now! As a new mom and starting a new family and whatnot, I've been searching for things to turn into "family traditions" of sorts... and I really think RAINBOW CAKES for special birthday parties is going to be one of them. I mean, seriously, how cool is that cake?? The best part about it was that it also tasted really great - even with all that food colouring and those nasty chemicals.

So, yeah, October... what can I say!? It is a month of good stuff; my son's birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Halloween... and some other stuff in between. The week leading up to my son's birthday was insane. Trying to accomplish everything I was hoping to do for his birthday party with a little baby in tow was ridiculous. But the party went well and I'm glad to now have one kid's party under my belt. Already have ideas for Alysha's 1st birthday party, even though we all know that those are just silly excuses for the parents to invite all their friends over... as if the baby really gives a crap about the party, lol!!!

I've been doing some drawing, some painting, coming up with lots of floor plans and home decor plans (crossing my fingers that we can build our own home next fall), lots of laundry, stupid house work, taking care of a baby and toddler, a tiny bit of scrapbooking, trying to get more clients on Heritage Makers (I'm a personal consultant with them.. and they rock, btw!) and other stuff too. So, yeah, that's what has been going on lately in a nut shell.

I am reeaaally hoping that I can have a day off some time soon - the stress has been getting to me lately. Hubby works six days a week and comes home super tired. Things that stress me out the most are living in messes and not getting enough "me-time"... my emotional processes are a bit high maintenance that way. I said to the hubby that it won't kill me not to get some me time, but it might end up killing someone else... lol!! ;)


Jules said...

Where are you thinking about building? Still this end of town?

I think I missed your bday... have I? Happy birthday to you and J!

Mrs. Dude said...

Yes, my Birthday was the 10th... thanks for the birthday wishes :D

We'll be building in the town of Rimbey, if we do go through with the plan.