Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alysha's Bedroom Colours!

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by Bunbunboutique
Okay, so, I have BUNTING on the brain! I am waiting for those cutesy pink skull fabrics to get here that I ordered on eBay last week... and then I'll have to start sew-sew-sewing. Perhaps I can get them done before Christmas and over to that little girl's house in time for her to receive a surprise gift from "Santa".

Anyway, while I wait on that, I've been thinking about what colour scheme I want to do my own little girl's bedroom in - once we are in our own place. I've been thinking a lot about home decor and house floor plans and the like in anticipation of us getting our own place... even though I should really CUT IT OUT and not get so wrapped up in such things. But I figure, this bunting will be a great way to decorate a kids' room whether we're renting or the homeowner.

I don't have a ginormous stash of different patterns of fabrics and whatnot because I'm pretty new to the whole thing. So, I want to start deciding on a colour scheme now so that I can start collecting scraps and such for Alysha's bunting.

Of course, the first and probably smartest thought would be to go with the colour scheme of the quilt I made for her last year when I was pregnant with her. It was my first, ever, real sewing project! A toddler bed sized quilt with matching pillow case. It is pink and yellow with unicorns! YAY! UNICORNS!! So, here are some colour palettes and pattern that I came up with on colourlovers today that would go with her pretty unicorn quilt...


Pink, White and Yellow... pretty, pretty colours! I think they would be really nice for a little girl's room. But, when it comes to colour, I find it hard to commit to a single colour scheme because I love, love, love every colour and shade and tone and hue that exists. I am, most definitely, a colour lover!

I am really loving PURPLE lately, and.. well, always, I guess. I have always been a fan of purple! It was my favorite colour as a child and it still is up there with my most chosen colours. It is just so versatile of a colour! The colour schemes that I've come up with for the rest of the rooms in my house are all including a shade of purple... so, maybe it would tie in better with the rest of the house if I decided to do Alysha's room in purples. PLUS, most of the unicorn plushies and toys and accessories that I've been eyeing at TOYS R US and elsewhere are purple and pink... so, it would be easier to find pretty unicorn stuff for her room if it were in the pretty, cool, and chic purple family.



But now, on THIRD thought (lol), my tastes have really been heading towards jumping onto the RED and BLUE bandwagon that seems to be coming around a lot lately. It is kind of a turquoise sky blue and a soft red. I see it on blog layouts, website layouts, home decor, children's rooms...etc.

Hey, even my blog is sort of that colour scheme right now! Hah, go figure!

I love how whimsical, bright, crisp, colourful, tastey, pretty and playful it looks together. I'm all about the crisp whites... I know for sure I want Alysha's furniture to be white. Anyhow, so, I'm thinking what if I altered that red and blue scheme to being more a of a pink and blue scheme? How awesome would that be?

Well, let's see it in action...




Yeah, I'm pretty sure that simple colour scheme is a winner! It is SO cute!! Somehow, it reminds me of candy or maybe ice cream... something fabulous... Maybe it is the colour scheme of an ice cream parlour! I love it! But I also love the purple scheme and the pink and yellow scheme!

So, it comes down to these three colour schemes (the other images are just extra info on each scheme for your colour craving needs) ... which shall I choose and start searching for matching fabrics??

Alysha_Room Cool_Chic_Baby_GirlAlysha_May

What am I to do!?


katilady said...

i like 'alysha motif' the very bestest but they all look great!

NancyJB said...


It was hard to choose between the yellow/pink or the purple/pink but I am voting for the purple scheme! (I am Nancyjb on A4A that's how I found your blog and I would love to win your atc.)

Norabear said...

I like Alysha Room, the first one, the best. Norabear from AFA

Ashazart said...

I like Alysha May the best.

Cynthia (ashazart)

peggy apl said...

hard choice, they all look great. but because i have to choose to get a chance to win the ATC, i'm going with the pink and blue.

Kiddio55 said...

Alysha May...definitely!

kerstin said...

I'd choose Alysha Room.

Mixing-Katie said...

I love pink and purple, but the pink and turquoise combo (Alysha May) is fantastic!