Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Dedication

I had a plan for the page I wanted to do for this photo... and this result is far from that initial plan! But I like how this turned out - even if it doesn't photograph well or follow my original plan.

My plan was an all-white page with lots pf layers of different textures and patterns.. but only in white... no colour! But, white just doesn't seem to be in style right now as I could hardly find anything at the local scrapbook store to work with. Even the wedding section was whiteless... it was all chocolate browns, pearls, and creams. Then I saw that BasicGrey paper and loved it. So, even though I was really excited to try an all white page, I went with that.

Then, I had all the papers just kind of sitting on my desk in front of me for days because, even though I can pick out stuff quite easily that goes together in a way I like, it is hard to come up with a layout that'll look good with all that stuff! lol!

Finally, I decided on a layout and so cut everything and laid it out on my desk in the layout. But it just didn't look right. So, I left it laying out on my desk for a few more days. Then, today, I decided I better finish the dang thing! I used to be so much faster at scrapbooking before I had a baby girl, lol!! When I moved the papers around to put adhesive on the backs of them, I decided that they looked better in a completely different layout! So, now the page looks almost nothing like the scrapbook page that I was getting the layout inspiration from, lol!

I inked edges of all the papers with my different VersaMagic and Brilliance little Dew Drop inks. The colours I used were Pearlescent Beige, Wheat, Malted Mauve and Cloud White. The owl charm really has very little relevance except that it was pretty and shiney and I had it on hand, lol. The flowers are white KaiserCraft paper flowers that I added glitter to with my Crystal Stickles. I bought some Kaiser Scrapbook self adhesive pearls but didn't end up using them on the layout.

I'm glad to finally have the page done. It has been in my head for months, now, and even though my white idea wasn't really realized.. the page still has a fair bit of white on it and I think it turned out alright. BAH, I still have the second page of the two-page layout to do, though! ACK! LOL!! And 7 more photos to choose from as to which two or three will go on the second page.

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