Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Wascally Neighbour

There's a jack rabbit who lives under the deck of our neighbour's house. You know, it is funny, I grew up in a small town, spending most of my time at my grandparent's farm in the country... and yet, it took moving to the city for me to actually see wild rabbits in person!

The city is expanding so quickly and it is driving these poor little guys out of their prairie homes... some of them stick around and make due with the new circumstances, like this guy. Its funny how good they are at staying hidden, even in the city... I really don't see them much in the summer, but come winter when they turn white and the snow is late in arriving, it makes them pretty easy to spot. Lucky for this guy, it is BLIZZARDING out right now and everything is white.

I love it in the winter time when there's rabbit tracks all over our front yards in the morning. There's evidence everywhere of their night time partying. I remember one night last year seeing a group of five of them from our living room window, bouncing down the middle of the street like a gang of teenage trouble makers! LOL.

I am so happy one of them decide to take up residence so nearby, I like checking in with him a few times each day. Jack Rabbits like to sleep / hang out during the day and then are very active in the evenings and at night. They don't live in burrows under ground, but make little bunny nests out in the open like that guys. Right now our little neighbour is digging the grass out of the snow for a bit of a snack.

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