Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stories by Jayden

My three year old son wanted me to write down some stories that he made up...

Story One

One upon a time there was a great big robot monster. There was a little boy fishing and the monster scared him. Then the happy monster came. But he couldn’t cheer him up. And another happy monster came but he could cheer him up! The little boy was fishing at Sylvan Lake but in Mexico. That’s where Nana and Papa live; in Mexico!

Story Two
Uncle Mellow sat on the roof of his house. Then he fell off the roof! So he climbed up his ladder to get back on the roof so he could see the moon up in the sky. He dreamed he was on the moon but then he fell off the moon! But that was just a dream. He climbed back onto the moon but he wiggled too much and fell again. But he landed in his bed!

Story Three
There was once a little boy and his mommy told him not to paint on the walls. But then a monster came and painted all over the walls. The little boy told the monster, 'no painting on the walls!' But the monster kept painting on the walls anyway. He finger painted every colour onto the walls, and onto Mommy's pictures, too. The monster even painted on the tv! Then Mommy came into the room and the monster ran away. Mommy was mad! The Mommy washed the paint off of everything. So, the monster painted the walls of his cave instead.

Story Four
The little boy's Uncle built him a toy house but a monster came and ruined it. Then the monster ran away before the little boy came back. The little boy wondered; 'what happened to my toy house!?' The monster came back and told him; 'I ruined it!' The little boy was angry. The little boy got his Uncle to fix it but then that monster came and ruined it again. The little boy told the monster, 'don't ever ruin my toy house again!' The monster shot the walls with his monster glook gun because he was mad. Electricity came out of the gun and burned off all of the Uncle's hair. The little boys toys were ruined by the gun! The monster suddenly felt bad and so he got his Monster-Daddy to fix everything for the little boy. The monster then never bothered the little boy again.


Talizmyn said...

Aaww, those are so cute. Lots of monster stories~ xD

Me and my sister used to perform "plays" (which we wrote the scripts for) with our stuffed toys.. but they were all about bunnies and magic and unicorns.

Jules said...

OMG, this is hilarious and because J and N are the same age, I can totally relate!! Do almost 3, going on 4, year olds ever stop talking?