Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Many Projects!

How did this Happen!?

21 Art Cards (3.5 x 2.5 inches)
2 Postcard sized Art Pieces
6 Mini paintings for a Children's Book

A Family Calendar through Heritage Makers by the end of the WEEK!? (gather photos, birthdays, anniversaries, & more to put on it)

A house in a deplorable messy state

1 toddler
1 baby
1 dog (that keeps getting into the garbage)

... I'm going to lose my mind!

And now, I find myself on ebay looking for cute, girly skull fabrics because I've gotten it in my head that a particular little girl who I hardly know absolutely NEEDS a pink and black, skull-themed, flag bunting for her room that I was recently hired to paint a mural for. So, if I can get the fabric squares (they look almost perfect, so impressed that I found something so close to the mural design!) I just bid on at a really cheap price, I will be trying to sew that up in the next few months. I wish I had more money so that my "poverty" would stop getting in the way of my "generosity".

- the fabric -

- the mural I painted -

Which reminds me, I have these squares I sewed together months ago that I still need to turn into a quilt one of these days!! Anyway, I'm feeling a little CRAZY... and am really getting behind on my scrapbooking which is making me nervous!! ESPECIALLY because I just know Alysha will be on the move in the next few months and then I will be spending the majority of my days following her around making sure she doesn't eat Jayden's toys - since I can't seem to train that boy to pick up after himself.

But, I think I have an idea for my scrapbooking. I'm going to stick the photos (as I take and develope them) in the page protectors with the paper (if I have any picked out for those photos) and any journaling type info jotted down on a piece of paper in order in the scrapbook... that way, if I do get really behind, I won't be completely lost as to what was going on in the photos when I do come back to scrapbooking.

Oh, I need to go to the store to buy some picture frames for some art pieces that I finally got some custom mats for. Now, if only I can sell them for at least $60 each. Am just hoping Gallery IS has their Miniature Art Christmas sale again this year... Erika, you reading this?

So glad they liked the mural I did for that girl's room, btw! YAY! My first time painting on a WALL and it was fun! I love taking artistic challenges because it is so rewarding when I accomplish new things. They actually liked the mural so much that they are having me do a mural for their other daughter's room! She wants ponies and unicorns... yay, that'll be fun! If anyone else in the area is wanting mural work done; hit me up! I could DEFINITELY use the income.


Jules said...

I still wanna talk to you about the book illustrations. What sort of fee do you charge for something like that, Hon?

Mrs. Dude said...

I say that I charge $20 an hour for stuff plus supplies... however, I am hardly ever known to stick to that, lol! Usually, I charge what people can pay. We can work out a flat fee that's per illustration or something, if you like. It really depends on what the subject is as well.

Jules said...

k.. one of these days I'll find the time to come talk to you about it!