Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Bit of an Update

I haven't been doing much scrapbooking, so don't have anything to post on that subject.

Winter got me a little bit down recently, but my hubby helped make me feel much better in the past few days. Changing around the living room, taking down part of the curtains so that more sunlight can come in during the short time the sun is up, and putting up the Christmas tree really seemed to help a lot. I am starting to feel myself, again... but, I still am really wishing for spring. Winter is going to feel extra long this year, I think.


Another Story by Jayden

There once was a little robot who wanted there to be more robots. But there was only one other robot. So, the little robot had the robot machine make more robots. The little robot danced and laughed while he welcomed the new robots to his robot home. He sang his happy song all and all night. But there was one problem; a big bird squished lots of juice out of a berry, and the berry juice wrecked the house.

The owner of the house screamed, "Who wrecked my house!!?"

The bird said, "I did, I am sorry."

Then, the robot's house lit on fire! The firefighters didn't come to put the fire out, so, the bird squished another berry and the juice put the fire out. The robot was happy, and the bird was proud to now be a real firefighter.

The End

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