Friday, January 22, 2010

Bored Moms!?

I've heard of it.. but I'm sure its an urban myth... bored stay-home-moms... I can't even imagine how that would feel... lol...

--Part of my Afternoon--

3:20 - Jayden needs a snack. I stop what I'm working on to go get him something

3:22 - Alysha needs a snack because big brother is eating. So, I put her in her highchair and make her some cereal with fruit puree.

3:40 - Alysha, somewhat distracted by Jayden running up and down the hallway, decides she'll only eat if she can feed herself.

3:45 - Alysha is covered in baby food.

3:50 - I clean up the kitchen counter so I can get the baby bathtub ready for her on the kitchen counter.

4:00 - Alysha is making big splashes in her bathtub and thinks it is super fun.

4:15 - Alysha is cuddled in a towel and carried down to our room so I can dress her.

4:16 - I narrowly miss stepping in dog puke as I go into our bedroom!!!

4:20 - SLEEPY Alysha is all dried off, baby lotioned up, clothed and now wants to be nursed.

4:30 - After having Jayden run into the room laughing about five times, Alysha has decided she doesn't want a nap any more.

4:35 - I dump all the water out of Alysha's bathtub and put it away. Alysha watches cartoons with Jayden while I mop the kitchen because the floor is soaked in places from Alysha's bath.

4:45 - I wash Alysha's highchair, top to bottom and put her dirty clothes in the hamper.

4:50 - I sit down and write this... which makes me notice the time! I need to get started on supper!!

4:52 - I remember that I forgot to clean up the dog puke!

Disclaimer: Most of the TIMES in this post are approximate. *wink wink*

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Jules said...

Sweetheart, you're getting boredom confused with sheer exhaustion... having kids does that to you, takes away your brain cells so you can't tell which way is up!