Thursday, February 4, 2010

JUNK Giveaway! LOL!

Okay, to the untrained eye, this is a bunch of JUNK... but I know there are some fabulous artists out there who could prove otherwise! So, follow my blog and reply below if you would like to be entered to win some fabulous Mixed Media Art 'supplies'!! Papers are scrapbook papers, cardstock, and pages from a children's book.

40 ATC-sized-Papers
20 Chunky-sized-Papers
25 Inchie Strips
17 Inchies

A small handful of random paper letters
A small pile of other various Paper scraps
A little baggie full of embellishment odds and ends
(buttons, charms, sequins, flowers, plastic confetti, and whatever else)

PLUS, one of my ATC prints (winner chooses from a selection)

Here is a banner to stick on your blogs if you want to do some advertising, wewt!! Perhaps those who advertise will get entered for a second prize!!! Hmmmmmmmmm..... ;)

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 9th!
Please check back to see if you won!


EraserQueen said...

Oh wow, this is so cool :D

You should make a banner graphic for people to post to their blogs :D I'd do it :)

Mrs. Dude said...

Added some banner images, thanks for the idea!! :D

Marie S said...

Hi Nancy thank you so much for popping by, Good luck in my giveaway.
I guess this will put me in for yours!! What timing, yay!
It was great getting the atc trade, I hope to run in to you again soon!
PS there si still time to do this for OWOH just extent the deadline.
Go here to find out about it

J & Sarah said...

I LOVE junk! I could definitely put that to use!

EraserQueen said...

Whee! I postd it at my blog :D

Rebekah said...

HERE! I'm commenting. I wanna win, too. Especially a Tlou print! Can I have a cuppycake? :D

peggyapl said...

great stuff! pls cont me in!

Amber said...

Wow - I'm so glad I found this just in the nick of time. Please count me in!

Thank you for the giveaway :)

The Feathered Snail said...

aww :( just missed this.
Sunswirlgirl on AFA