Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lisa Frank ATCs

Nothing's Changed...

When I was little I was just obsessed with LISA FRANK everything! I absolutely loved her cute animals and pretty hearts and rainbowy everything. I remember I was so excited when my mom bought me a Lisa Frank colouring book... and almost DIED when I received a whole Lisa Frank collection box set one Christmas. We didn't have a lot of money, so, I think that was about the extent of my Lisa Frank collection... but I sure do remember wanting to LIVE in the Lisa Frank aisle at Toys R Us.

You know how when you walk into a Barbie aisle at a toy store you get bombarded with pink packaging? Walking into the Lisa Frank aisle was even crazier!! RAINBOWS and BRIGHT Colours Galore!! - But mostly that stellar shade of purple. LOL, its funny, I've grown up, I have my own kids, I'm an adult and everything... but um.. yeah... I still go ga-ga for RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND HEARTS AND BOLD, BRIGHT COLOURS AND EVERYTHING... LOL! Nothing's Changed!!

Anyway, someone at ATCsForAll.com is hosting a "Inspired by Lisa Frank" themed ATC swap and being a child of the 80's and 90's who loves those neon colours I just had to join! Here are the cards I made for the swap. They turned out really great and were a lot of fun! I love them so much that I don't really want to send them in, lol!!


Kimazon said...

Awesome! I loved Lisa Frank and still do! I've always daydreamed of having my own collection of cute stuff called under the name of "Kitty Smith"


Mrs. Dude said...

that would be cute!!! Maybe one day?

I want to go to the lisa frank headquarters for a tour! They have big statues of her characters there, I want a photo with Markie! haha!