Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Dream House's Colour Scheme!


My husband and I like to spend time on the weekends looking in all the show homes our growing city has to offer. I just love seeing the different floor plans and the luxurious finishes... I keep thinking I should go to college for home decor / home staging so that I could be the person to decorate the show homes! How fun! My husband likes to look at the show homes because he builds houses for a living and half of them, he framed.

We came across a show home last weekend that made me SO HAPPY and EXCITED and actually a little MIFFED all at once! It was MY DREAM HOME! Not so much the floor plan, although it was a nice enough floor plan. The way it had been finished and decorated was as if someone had visited my dreams one night and then used what they saw there to make their design choices!! It was almost to-the-tee what I would do in my own home had I had a large enough budget.

So, it was a happy experience to walk into this beautiful home that was exactly my tastes (the kitchen was a little more blue-grey than the purple-grey I wanted) and so exciting to see my dream home come to life... but it was also pretty frustrating to see someone else had done it... because now, if I ever get the chance to decorate my home in the same sort of fashion, it will feel as if I were copying the show home and not the other way around. Oh well, it was still marvelous! I really didn't want to leave, I wanted to live there in my dream.

I had my husband take as many photos with his phone as he could, inconspicuously.. but he had just bought this new phone and didn't know the settings on it, and ended up taking really tiny photos, lol. The master bedroom, especially, was pretty much exactly what I'd want!


Kimberly said...

Hubby and I love to go look at show homes too! Tho we haven't in quite a long time.

It would be an awesome job to do interior decor for them!

That is pretty cool that it was so much like your dream house!

Mrs. Dude said...

it is so much fun and our city is growing so quickly that there's usually a street of new show homes to see every month, so it seems!

hope you're doing well, Kimmie!!! We need to start our penpal buddyhood! Maybe when Jayden's a bit older he can be penpals with your kids, too!