Thursday, February 18, 2010


I saw this picture on flickr and just HAD to share. LoL! Much Love!

Man, this was supposed to be my scrapbooking blog but it feels like it has been FOREVER since I scrapbooked. I've been drawing and painting on and off, and I have been hosting Mail Art swaps, and I have been spending way too many hours checking out home decor and related blogs and websites online... but I have not been scrapbooking! For some reason I can get out my pencils and pens and sometimes even my watercolours in the middle of the day, but to start a scrapbook page when I'm home with the kids just seems too hard!

My mom will be here tomorrow, YAY! It has been six months since I saw her last. Last time she saw Alysha, my baby was a new baby.. now Alysha is crawling and standing and eating cookies and crackers... poor Mom had to miss out on that. I know it has been hard for her to be away so long with everything that's gone on. But she'll be here tomorrow, so it is all good!! I've been trying to clean the house a bit the last few days as I feel totally guilty about its current state, especially with Mom coming home. My husband has been away in the evenings all week, so, I have the kids all day and all night this week ... so, I'm trying to take it easy with the cleaning so that I don't get grumpy-tired, lol.

Today was such a wonderfully sunny day. It is so nice that the sun is growing stronger and the days are growing longer... it isn't dark at 4:00 anymore, actually, it isn't even dark at 5:00 anymore.. although, the sun is setting at 5:00. I can't wait for the long days of summer when it isn't pitch black until WELL past my bedtime. But yes, the best part is being able to actually feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Oh, December and January were hard, but with the sun comes promise of spring! Sure, for us Canadians, it is still distant, but I'm hopeful for it after the warm day we had today.


Kimazon said...

That snowunicorn is SOOO awesome!

Jules said...

Have a fun time with your Mom! I'm sure it's spring... I feel it in my bones, Baby!!!