Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cupcakes and Rainbows


Beyond words, right? Edible Rainbows to put on your fantastic yummy cupcakes. Really, there's not much else in the whole world that'd top a tray of rainbow cupcakes like the one pictured there. Oh man, they make me so happy. LOL!! I have maturity issues, obviously.

You can buy a pack of those little rainbows to adorn your cupcakes for only $3.50 american at CupcakeSocial's Etsy Shop. I wish I had a reason other than how AWESOME they are to buy them, lol. I've already got a collection of sugar butterflies and flowers in the cupboard waiting for Alysha's butterfly birthday party... in JUNE... lol!! And Jayden wants an off-roading JEEP themed birthday party for his fourth which is in OCTOBER! So, what on earth would I do with those sugar rainbows? Well, oh well, I will just enjoy staring at the photos of them. So cute! So colourful! So happy!!


Jules said...

They definitely are happy cupcakes!! Too happy to eat. When it was gone, I'd feel sad that I'd eaten something so bright and cheerful!

Mrs. Dude said...

this is true!!!

maybe they'd make your belly happy and cheerful, though? haha, jolly at least ;)