Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dreaming of Alysha's Room

Okay, there's enough thought going into this room that at this point it is obvious that it is more for me than for her... LOL!!!

I was drawing her room in my little sketchbook the other day while sitting with Jayden watching cartoons. I have it so she has a simple stone white/grey carpet (cheap, not distracting, soft for playing on the floor), a "Diamond Blue" ceiling (possibly striped from the centre with "Sky High Blue" like a circus tent), a "Shoreline Blue" accent wall with the other walls being a clean, crisp white, and little hand painted butterflies randomly flying around the walls. They'd be the three shades of blues for the white walls and white on the blue wall. I want to paint a cute fawn in white on the blue wall with a "Tickled Pink" butterfly on its nose.

I want most of the furniture to be white... like her bed and her dresser and her bookshelf and stuff. I'm going to customize an old farm chair and paint it white or pink and make a custom quilted cushion seat with fabrics that match the fabrics of the quilt I'm making her. The chair will stand beside her bed so that I can sit in it to read to her at night.

I've drawn up a doll-house design for hubby to build for Alysha. I plan to paint it the same pink as the pink butterfly on the wall. I'm thinkuing Tickled Pink, but wonder if that'll be too bright against the blue.. might have to use "Flower Girl" or "Pink Symphony"... anyway, the dollhouse will be the same colour.

I want to make her some lacey white curtains with a pink ribbon running across them near the bottom. I have some cuuute butterflies that I plan on attaching to the curtain thingys that you screw in to the wall to hold the curtains open (lol... technical terms...) I want to make a bunch of throw pillows with ruffles and things of various pinks and whites and happy things to put on her bed and everywhere in her room to make it princessy. I want to find an old chandelier and spray paint it white and then attach a bunch of pink butterflies to it and hang it in the room.

I want to get a bunch of pretty silver, pink, blue and white frames (or paint them those colours) for her favorite photos to be on display on her dresser. I pretty vase to hold big white daisies or some sort of pretty funky faux flowers. Need to get her a pretty antiquey Unicorn to spray paint solid pink or white to put up on her dresser too. Would love to find an antiquey mirror to spray paint as well.

I drew up this custom made toybox that has a cushion ontop for sitting on... kind of like a bench seat that opens.. so we'd have another place to put lots of pillows, heehee. And I was thinking a pretty pink circle area rug.. but would that be weird ontop of carpet?

LOL.. yes, I have thought this all out cuz I'm a nut!! I have it all drawn out in my book!!!
I have Jayden's room all designed as well! He requested a robot/space/alien/rocket room! I've got big plans for it! Already purchased some art prints on etsy to frame for the room, actually.

UGH, now we just need a house....................................................