Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My DIY Dreams - My Hubby's Nightmare

I'm driving my husband crazy with all my cool ideas for him to build, lol!! It is his fault for being a carpenter and marrying an artist, am I right? There's the rocket bookcase for Jayden's room which I will do myself if it comes down to it... because I'm not backing down! That is one thing I really want built! Then there are a bunch of other things that I've been seeing and wishing we could build.

Maybe my hubby should send a nasty letter to Ana of Knock-Off Wood for getting me really going on the whole build-it-yourself stuff. But there are so many projects out there and so many crafty ladies with flickr accounts and blogs, I can't help but be inspired!!

Tonight, as I was laying in bed, I had an unsettling thought! We don't have a tv stand anymore! So, if we get a place and move in... what on earth besides our couch is going to be in our living room? Egads! I've been so interested in creating a Princess room for our baby girl who isn't even sleeping in her own room yet, that I didn't even think about our bare living room situation!!

I was thinking, Ana of Knock-Off Wood has some great Pottery Barn inspired plans for different shelves and things that would be nice for our living room. Then I looked at my dresser at the end of out bed. Antique and pretty and full of knicks.. how cool would it be if we altered it to hold our electronics? And then painted and distressed it all cool?? Wouldn't that be the funkiest thing for our living room? A DRESSER!? LOL!

We could change the top middle drawer so that it is on chains and just folds down to access the XBox and DVD players, and we could drill holes in the back of the dresser for wires to pass through. How nice and tidy the room would look with hidden cords and electronics. And the other drawers could hold magazines and remotes and game controllers and whatever else we needed to stuff in them!! There's lots of drawers of different depths and widths.

Hmm.. but then we'd be out a dresser... lol!

I bought this magazine at Michael's today called "100 Decorating Ideas under $100" and it is making me EXCITED. Awesome ideas and lots of inspiring photos. I'm itching to get working on stuff!

I was thinking, too, how expensive would it be to restain the cabinents in our new place (if we end up getting it).. there's hardly any cabinents, so, it wouldn't be as daunting of a task. They are that sickeningly outdated orangey wood colour... you know, the colour that all the humble, cheap furniture comes in. Maybe its a good thing they are that colour, since our kitchen table and chairs are that colour, lol.

But, I dream of walnut or something super dark and greyish... I could go either way, a greyish, dark stain or painted white! In this house, I'm thinking the walnut stain would be best. So, do you just take them down, sand them down, and stain them? Doesn't sound too bad. I wouldn't think it would take more than one regular sized can of stain to do them... wouldn't be too expensive... just time consuming. I wonder if the husband would let me - I know he would be against paaaainting wood.. what's with men and being against painting wood? But I don't think he'd mind it stained a different colour. But, then our stupid table and chairs are still that icky colour too.. hmmm... daaaare I sand and stain our kitchen table and chairs??!?!?!

Oh boy...

I wish I could turn my brain off so I could go to bed, lol!!!

Such a silly girl :p

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