Friday, March 26, 2010

PomPom FAIL!!

Okay, so, my plan was to string up a bunch of tissue paper pom-poms and pretty dollar-store butterflies in the trees for Alysha's b-day party. Well, I've been aching to try those dumb pom-poms... so, today, I tried one and um, well, I think you need to not be retarded to make these dumb things.

Mine looks like poop!!!
I'll have to try again... but only once my pride has recovered.


kerstin said...

Can you send me the instructions? Then I can give it a try, too.

Mrs. Dude said...

I just tried a few to make sure I knew what we were doing with them.. and cuz I was aching to try them out. I'll still leave the bulk of them for us to do when you get here :p

I'm thinking we could even mix the colours of the tissue papers for the pom-poms to make them more interesting~!!

I made a few more yesterday and this morning and they worked out much better. I have them hanging from our chandelier in the entry, lol... they look like they could be Easter decorations.