Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shared Room

So, we're looking at buying our first home. Scary exciting. Problem is, our price range don't give much room for a place as big as I'd like. We found a 3 bedroom home that we could afford... which, of course, naturally means that the kids will have to share a room... because Mommy couldn't give up her craft/sewing/art room!! LOL! Selfish Mommy! But, I figure, we still have a good 3 years before it would start to be iffy or weird for the kids to be sharing a room, at least... right? I dunno, I never had a brother. Hopefully in a few years we'll have more of an income and could afford to move to a larger place, anyway.

So, I figured out a way to combine the kids colour schemes. One side of the room can be that pretty girly scheme I had been planning and the other side can be that cool robots/rockets/monsters theme for Jayden.


I'll have the main wall white and the other walls that blue colour.


and I can paint the little robot mural for Jayden in white on his blue wall and I can paint the pretty butterflies and fawn in white on Alysha's blue wall.

Check out this cool robot fabric patterns set by jackie over at Spoonflower! It looks like it was custom made for my new colour scheme idea!!! How ridiculously awesome is that!?!?!

Robot Gear Garden

Robot Gear Constellation


Robot Garden Stripes

I plan on building this bookshelf for Jayden this summer... with hubby's help, lol. I think I could paint it white with some red and it would fit into the room nicely without clashing with Alysha's colours. I was thinking a white and pink bookshelf like this one on the opposite side of the room would really compliment everything and be super cute. Rockets and Doll Houses.. awww.

I bought some robot art prints on Etsy the other day... I wonder if they'll work with this new colour scheme idea. Will have to see when they arrive! I think the one will do just fine, but the other might not as much. I was kind of planning for a more earth toned room for Jayden before this... But, they might still be alright if I mat and frame 'em just right.

Oh man, speaking of Etsy purchases! This cute robot clock is so great! I wish I could live with myself for spending the $45 to buy him for Jayden's room! He looks great and would be so much fun to have on display! But $45 for a clock for a 3 1/2 year old's room? Maybe if I was rich...

This art print is SO cute I'd love to buy it and some other similar art prints from that artist on etsy to frame for Alysha's half of the room! Her cute fawns and elephants and bunnies are so wonderful! So whimsical and sweet, they'd be great for my little gal's room. Again, money money money... the prints are definitely fair priced, if not on the cheap side.. but once they've been purchased and shipped and framed... it gets to be kinda pricey... and I am not of the high income bracket!!

Kids rooms are just so much fun to plan!

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