Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay, so, after fussing with my first attempt at those Pom-Poms, I was able to make it look half decent and decided to try a few more. I think the main problem was that I was using CHEAP, dollar store tissue paper that wasn't as strong as Martha Stuart tissue paper. So, I cut down the size of the Pom-Poms and that seemed to be able to counter-act the issue. Also, it is kind of fun to have them in different sizes!

I am so accident prone, I even was able to manage to hurt myself making these silly things! Not a whole lot of danger involved with creating them, but I managed... I amaze myself. Blooooood.

I bought two packages of tissue paper at a dollar a package and was able to make three smaller pom-poms and one big pom-pom from them. That's like 50cents a pom-pom, or maybe more accurately, 25cents a small pom-pom and 75cents a big pom-pom. Pretty sweet.

I definitely advise making them for cheap, cute, pretty wedding decor!

I have them hanging in our entry to celebrate Spring/Easter... since I don't really have a place to store them until Alysha's b-day party anyway, lol. I'll wait until it is closer to her birthday to make more. I want to make more in a lighter pink and some in white and maybe some yellow and orange too! I think they'll look so great hanging in the trees at Grandma's. If they survive the party, I think they'll look cute hanging in a cluster in Alysha's bedroom when we move.

When I had finished pulled apart one side, I thought the half-done pom-pom looked like a cute tissue paper bouquet! There's got to be a fun way to dress it up and use it for an actual bride's bouquet!!! If would want to be different and frugal. I mean, c'mon, its SO cute and cheap!!