Thursday, March 25, 2010

Went to the Paint Store today...

I went to the paint store today. After pulling out a stack of paint swatches and whatnot to bring home, my super-duper inspiring craft room colour scheme has been established! It is nowhere near something I would have expected someone like me to choose, but I am so excited because of that.


WHAT THE HECK, ORANGE? Right? LOL! I'm so excited for the green/teal and white, but the punches of orange have even surprised me, lol! I'm not sure, myself, how that'll be brought it.. maybe some little orange accessories, only. Although, I'm kind of excited at the prospect of painting a piece of furniture all orange... haha, how caaa-rraaazy!?

I chose the main green from a painting my online friend, Dana did for me. I just love her style and love love this painting in particular. I plan on framing it in white (instead of the black frame you see it in in the photo). The great thing is, the colour will also go great with the original painting done for my second novel's cover! I will frame it in white and hang it on the green walls. It will be so special to have it hanging on my wall!!

The Happy Greens

  • Jade Valley - Deep & Luxurious - Chip #027
  • New Grass - Deep & Luxurious - Chip #023
  • Triton Green - Deep & Luxurious - Chip #027


Then, just a tiny bit of Oriental Poppy orange for a bit of a kick


And finally, of course, a lot of white;
because white makes everything much nicer!

It makes things brighter, kinder, happier, cleaner,
airier, softer, and more elegant...


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