Friday, March 26, 2010

Yay! Photo Blog Time!

OH DEAR! I forgot, I was supposed to be at a store this morning at 10 AM and now it is 10:36 AM... oops.. and look at how quickly I am hurrying to get there! LOL! I'm so freaked out about being late that I'm dropping everything and running... wait... lol! I'm a dork! HAH!

Ummm... anyway... here are some photos to make your day! Okay, they are more or less just interesting to me, I'm sure.. but, this is my blog and I'm sure most of my posts are only interesting to me, so, there you go.

All these posts about STUFF sure make me out to be a materialistic person... ugh... I don't know what to saw to counter it, either... I like pretty things and with us putting an offer on a house, I really have decor on the brain. My first home.. a total blank canvas...

Look at that cuuuute little cupcake box to store itty bitty treasures! It was $1.60 at Micheal's and just the right colours for Alysha's room... I couldn't resist! Little girls (if I'm not completely out of touch at this stage of my life) love little boxes for their little treasures! I need to find a cute jewelery box for her in the next few yeeeaaars, lol... so she can put her pretty necklaces and things in there. I'm not sure what she'll end up putting in her cupcake box, but, she'll figure something out. For now it'll sit as a bedroom decor assecory.

You'd think my daughter was at least 6, the way I've been planning her room... lol! But that's okay, this way I get to decorate it my way and enjoy it for a few years before she starts having a say in it. She'll grow into it and it'll grow with her.

I found this white mirror at a thrift store downtown yesterday for $4... I think it will look very sweet in Alysha's room. I cleaned it up and am toying with different ways of dressing it up. Right now I just have a few butterflies from my scrapbooking supplies sitting on it, they look super pretty on it. I might have to find a few more in pink or something or maybe some pink flowers to go on the corner with the butterflies. I think it looks so much better even with just those little butterflies in the corner. Ridiculously cute!

I don't know how we're going to come up with the money for all the expenses in buying this place! We were expecting to have another year to put away another $5,000-$10,000 before we bought a place. Instead, we're just magically acquiring this place with what was sitting in our savings at the time we learned about the sudden living situation change. LOL! And this place we've put an offer on has no fridge, stove, washer, dryer, microwave... ack! The carpets are dreadfully stained and ripped in most rooms and need to be replaced.

How the heck are we going to buy all those things and closing costs on the sale? HAH, this will be an adventure. I pray that God will do the loaves & fish thing with our bank account... earnestly and selfishly, since I am hoping we'll find money to paint all the rooms too... I'm sick of living in beige/white walled rentals - plus, all the walls at this place have knicks and scratches and gouges... yay for buying repossessed homes, lol. I've been racking my brains over colour schemes for each room the last few days, teehee... note the photo of my paint swatch thingers.

Finally... here's a photo of all the things I've frugally collected for Alysha's room over the last few months. Weee... now just to buy the big, expensive stuff; the bed, dresser and bookshelves!! The bed can wait a year, but I'm tired of having her clothes in containers and laundry baskets!

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