Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hospital Visits and The Thing About PUBLIC Health Care

So, baby has not been feeling herself for the past few weeks. I couldn't get her in to see her doctor until the end of the month, so, I took her to a walk-in clinic over a week ago and after a 2hour wait was told pretty absentmindedly by the doctor who GLANCED at her that she had a flu virus or cold and would be better in a few days.

She did not get better, she got worse. Her symptons didn't make sense to me - she was agitated and sleepy and didn't have much energy. They didn't raise alarms at first, I thought maybe she was feeling icky because of snow mold and spring-time allergies or that she was maybe teething. So, who knows how long she had been this way untreated before I started to worry!? I phoned the public health nurse and told her what I knew of baby's symptoms. She had no idea. Baby's doctor didn't have any openings until the end of the month... so, I made an appointment for April 30thand just gave baby tylenol when she was most irritated and held her almost 24/7.

Finally, my mom said enough was enough and that I should be more persistent about getting her in sooner. So, I called the office and asked to speak to her doctor. They grumpily took my name and number and laaater that day the doctor phoned. I explained the symptons and she told me to come in RIGHT AWAY. Uh-Oh.

We go in and the doctor checks her out. She orders a urine sample (those are FUN to get from babies, not) and that I immediately go to the lab downtown to get bloodwork done on her. It took two people holding her down and another to take the blood, but it was still better than when they did her bloodwork in the ER a few months ago when she had an RSV infection.

I am not home long before I get a phone call from the doctor saying that we need to take baby to the ER straight-away because her White Blood Cell count is super high. UGH. So, we wait at the ER and finally get her admitted into the hospital. She is admitted into the special Paedriatrics unit where all the premature babies go. It was kind of neat in there, though. She ended up being in there three days... me along with her... I tell you, sitting in those nasty uncomfortable hospital chairs all day and night for that long really sucks. My husband spent one of the nights with her so I could sleep... and then he went to work the following morning, poor guy.

After she started feeling abit better she got really bored being cooped up in a hospital room all day. It was hard for her to play with one hand as she had an IV in the other. We're home now. She has a naaaasty urinary tract infection but is on antibiotics for it. She is acting more herself but still gets tire easily as she's also anemic from it... we have her on iron suppliments, though, too. The poor girl has SUCH pain when she pees, though. Oh, it is so hard to have to watch her go through that and not be able to do anything but hold her.

We have to go back to a specialist in a few weeks for follow-up tests and whatnot. I doubt it would have been so bad if we had been able to see her doctor right away when I first was getting suspicious about how she was acting... but at least our only costs from all the lab-work and hospital stay was the hospital parking lot fees, my meals, and filling her prescriptions. We love/hate Public health care, lol.

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Molossus said...

We don't have public healthcare yet, but the Kaiser Health care is almost as bad. When my mother was ill, I spent almost 24/7 with her when she was in the hospital because I felt I had to watch everything they did. They made so many mistakes, and came closer to killing her than her illness ever did.

I'm glad your baby is doing better, and hope the infection goes away soon!