Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first Children's Book!!!

I had the b/w version of it completed over a month ago. Look at the photo of my sweet son holding the very first copy. He was so excited when it arrived that day.

He and I came up with the story together when he was two. He would make me tell it to him every night because he loved it so much. I painted the cover picture to frame and hang in his room well over a year ago - little did I know at the time that the painting would end up being the cover of an actual published book!!

I finally finished painting all the inside illustrations for the full-colour version of the book this last weekend. The book is now ready to purchase on lulu.com for $9.75 US. I really hope you'll purchase a copy!

Below is a photo of the paintings for the illustrations for the book! I am really wishing. now, that I had taken into account regular frame sizes when I cut the paper for the paintings. I'd like to frame them all to display at the book launch here in May... but don't want to spend a million bucks on custom frames/matting. Bleh. I'll figure something out.



Jules said...

Wow, Sara... I'm totally impressed with all of your publications and artwork. We really do need to get together sometime soon and discuss my children's book series. I have no idea how to go about anything past writing the things!!!

Mrs. Dude said...

LETS DO IT!! We shall set a date! (340-2128)