Friday, May 7, 2010

Some little Projects

I painted this for Alysha's bedroom last month. She doesn't have her own bedroom yet, she's just in the corner of ours, but I put it on the ledge above her crib for now. I can't wait for when she turns two and I can move her into her own room! Turquoise-Blue and White and Pink! Although, as every day brings us closer to her first birthday, I get sad thinking she's not an itty bitty baby anymore. Still, it'll be fun to put everything together that I've been collecting for her Princess bedroom.

This magazine container was made out of an old cereal box and scrapbook supplies. We have subscriptions to a bunch of different magazines and just have STACKS of them all over the place... so, I looked at buying some pretty magazine containers at some home decor stores and they are PRICEY... my alternative is this :p

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