Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Before/After Post!

Expect more blog posts with "Before/After" photos or just "construction" photos in the future as I continue to nest as inexpensively as I can. Now that we have our own house that we may actually be moving into come Winter, I can actually feel right about putting part of our meager budget toward getting furniture and other things for our first home. Anyway...

Alysha's Dresser!
After talking about it for months, you probably thought I was all talk. Well, I finally have completed my very first "large" scale DIY. It was a pretty simple one, however, it was my first... so, it was special!! I bought Alysha an old dresser, cleaned it up, spray-painted it white, and put new hardware on it. Not a whole lot, but it made a big difference!

I've never used spray paint before, so, this was exciting. I wasn't sure what kind of buy, so I had to talk to people at the local hardware store. I sanded the fake wood finish on the dresser with really fine sandpaper and washed it really well before I started. I used primer and gave it 24 hours to dry before painting the colour on top. I went white because I plan to have Alysha's walls that blueish colour and all her furniture white.

Even with lots of prepping, I still found I had to be very careful when attaching the hardware to the dresser later on because the white would come off. I'm hoping it just took longer to set than anticipated and it is better now. That dresser has to make it through at least one big move to get to Alysha's room. Right now Alysha's stuff is just stuck in a corner of our master bedroom - it is pretty tight!!! Since we don't have an additional room for her at our current home.

I found some BEAUTIFUL knobs online. They were those old fashioned glass knobs with that pink/rose look in them. They were $18 each and $20 to ship here. I decided not to buy them. HAH! I bought these plastic clear knobs at HomeDepot for $4 each. I think that's a better deal, hahaha... and I like them quite a lot!

I'm thinking I should get some decorative tooled wood to glue on in the middle of the top drawer and then spray paint white over the drawer again. It looks kind of plain. But I don't know, perhaps that would be too much?

I recently bought some adhesive paper drawer liner stuff at CanadianTire for only $3.50 or something like that, I haven't put it in yet, but I will post photos once I have. It was an awesome score because it is white with pink and blue flowers that look very much the style and colours of the rest of the room. The insides of the drawers look pretty icky from age, so, it'll be a nice touch to have that paper liner in them.

The big pink and white pom-poms hanging over the dresser are some left-over from Alysha's birthday party that I decided to keep and hang in her room. Her birthday party was this last Sunday and it was great, btw! I will post photos from it very soon... there are a lot of photos to go through, so, it may be a few days before I get around to posting about the party.

Have a great week, everyone!!
Mrs. Dude

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