Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm on FACEBOOK!!!

... no lie!


As if anyone ISN'T on Facebook these days, haha. But, anyway, I have a FANPAGE on Faceboooook for my art and books and whatnots -- if you aren't already a FAN, please go check it out and become one! Love you forever!!! I have a contest going right now over there that if you share my etsy link on your facebook page and then comment on the contest wall post, you'll be entered to win CUSTOM art by ME! Yay! So, check it out... PLEASE!



What's your favorite colour?
I'm working on my second children's book! It is going to be for my daughter. It is made to function like a "Baby's First Words: COLOURS" type of book.. you Moms out there probably know what I mean... BUT, it will also have a slight bit of a story to it. AND I'm going for over-the-top cuteness with it.
IT IS ABOUT UNICORNS!!!! - need I say more?!!?

It has a whole rainbow of cutesy unicorns in it and I am having a blast doing the illustrations!!! I am stoked to have it ready by the fall (fingers crossed) so that everyone can buy a copy for their princesses! Judging on my own childhood experiences, I really think this little book will SPARK the IMAGINATIONS of many a little girl!

Here's a little taste:

The last few days I have been busy with getting ready for my daughter's big FIRST Birthday BASH! It is going to be awesome! About 40 people will be there.. insanity. I can't wait!! Tomorrow is the day! I will post photos next week.


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