Friday, July 9, 2010

FABRIC FUN!!! Yay for Spoonflower!

Owl Town Green Flower Shower Teal Numero Uno

I see these fabrics and I think... OH MAN, wouldn't this be GREAT for my kitchen, or my office, or my daughter's room!?!? LOL! Okay, maybe not my kitchen or office, as it is decidedly juvenile in style - buuut, it would be cute in the kitchen if done right, I think... ANYWAY.. I have to keep telling myself; "No, No! Don't you remember? You chose purple for your kitchen/dining/living room area!"

Aaaanyway! Summer has been busy for me, which is fun... so, I still haven't posted Alysha's bday party pictures to this blog, which is lame... sorry!! I finished my UNICORN book, though! Check it out on!!!

Oooh.. this is more the colours I was thinking for my place:

Peacock Deep Dreams

I dunno!?! Is it RICH or just DARK?? Obviously, the walls aren't gonna be COVERED in that or anything... but.. hmmm... I dunno anymore... I've over thought everything at this point, lol!

Okay, I think this is a better representation of my colour scheme... wish I could just buy a bunch of that fabric!!! Its a little pricey at $18 a yard...


It is SO hot out right now and the baby is grumpy because of it! HAH! Okay, so, I better go deal with the grumpy girl.. I guess she's not really a baby anymore.. she's a toddler... pshaw, she's still my widdle baby.

I keep thinking that I could go silvers and charcoals and even some blues from my purple, or I could go greens, golds, and olives from my purple... I love both of those types of colour schemes so much! It is hard to decide which way to go and then commit to it! But look at this cute fabric...

retro flowers

OH NO... and then I go and find fabrics like this:

Unicorn Border 3

Wouldn't that be so fun and if I used it sparingly, like just in a strip at the bottom of my livingroom curtains, it would be a really fun touch of WHIMSY and ME in a pretty, purple livingroom!

I found a white and purple dinner wear set at IKEA yesterday that was hard not to splurge on! I know we don't have much money right now with hubby's hours cut, so, I had lots of self-control. But man, they were great... just my style with a gorgeous botanical motif and they were a beautiful dark eggplant purple... from far away I thought they were black.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA.... look at this fabric pattern!!!!

mustache gallery

I'm pretty sure I NEED something in my house to have this on it! Maybe even just the backing of a throw pillow! SOMETHING neeeeeeds this on it! LOL!


Yes, it has Owls and Mushrooms, so, of course I would like it.. but I really love the colours as well! This graphic designer on Spoonflower has a few patterns that I really like! Heehee... oh right... the grumpy baby... okay...

Spoonflower, you are my kryptonite!

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