Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Live!

I did not forget about this blog and I did not fall of the edge of the world and I did not die in a freak accident... I am here and I am alive! I've been super busy!!! Expect more posts from me come August - maybe life'll slow down for me a bit by then!

Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Summer!


Gail said...

Hey you. . . Mrs. Dude ~ love the new look! And no still no damask fabric, maybe when I go to Kelowna I will find some!

Mrs. Dude said...

I think instead of paying us to keep your dogs while in Kelowna, you should just pay us in fruit from Kelowna.. hehehehehe... Travis loves nectarines... ;) ;)

Are there any good fabric stores in Kelowna? There must be something, its getting to be a pretty big town. OH, it would be SO awesome to live in Kelowna! I just love that town!!!