Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Speaking of Big Wishes...

Hubby and I have been talking about building our own house for .. well.. it seems like forever. Naturally, now, that we have finally purchased our first home, we are already dreaming of selling it for a profit so we can start building our own home, lol! My husband is a framer and knows the in's and out's pretty well, so, together we talked about a floor plan that would be really budget-wise but still have everything we needed in a home. I drew out the floor plan a few times, making changes to it every time.

Tonight, I have stayed up way past my bedtime playing with a trial version of some floor plan creating software that I downloaded from the internet to get a fancy version of the floor plan all drawn up. So, pending the approval of the husband, the below image is the floorplan of the main floor of our future home...

Of course, this is all mainly just playing around for now, seeing as none of these plans are going to be put to action for at least a year... and of course, we'll have to see where we are when that time comes. Anyhow, just for fun, that's the layout. I think it'll work nicely, humble as it is. I really don't like gigantic houses, to be honest. I'd have to live in it to know for sure, but I'm pretty sure this size (approx. 1100 sq/ft) and layout will be great. The basement will have the kids' bedrooms, the laundry room, a family room, a bathroom, and the utility room. The layout of the basement will depend on where all the technical stuff ends up going... but I don't think it'll be hard to fit all that down there.

The wind is a blowing, the rain is a pouring, the tempature is dropping... it is stormy out there... and I need to go to bed because it is 1:23 AM .... ACK!!!

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