Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alysha's Dresser

So, if you have been following my blog, you probably have already seen my post about redoing an old dresser that I bought for Alysha's bedroom. The above picture probably looks familiar to you. Well, I'm generally a lazy person and once I got to that point, I left the dresser.

FINALLY, last week, I got around to putting the vinyl paper lining stuff in the drawers that I had purchased for that dresser months ago! Alysha helped... as you can see...

I definitely recommend, if you are redoing an old dresser, to go that extra mile and line the inside of it! You can use wrapping paper or you can actually go to a hardware store and buy drawer liner stuff (like I did). It isn't hard to use at all. For best results, though, don't be like me... I hate rulers and measuring... I like to freehand everything... that made for some unnecessary ISSUES with this project! Truth be told, not all the drawers look as good as the one I photographed, lol!

I still can't get over how awesome of a find that drawer lining paper vinyl self-adhesive stuff was~! HAHA! It has the right colours for Alysha's room AND it was so cheap! ...$3 for a roll! One roll ALMOST did all the drawers in that dresser! Pretty spiffy!

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soulbrush said...

how perfect. you are like me lol, i have no patience to cut and measure, so am left with bits sticking up all over tha place- luckily it is inside the drawer!