Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fabulous Fabric Find!!!

So, Friday, I'm driving around the city checking out all the different pawn shops and thrift stores and whatnot, looking for a larger bed for my son who has decided he is too big for his toddler bed and now wants to sleep with us all the time. I wanted to find a bed, not a bedframe, because I didn't want to pay for both a box spring and a mattress.. much rather have a bed with a plank base and just have those 2-in-1 mattresses that they sell now. Mattress Mattress has a sale on right now for twin sized mattresses, holy cow, the mattress I was looking at for Jayden was originally $600, marked down to $299. But, yeah, we didn't find any beds for him, and my husband would prefer we made Jayden ride out the remainder of this year in his current bed for now. Poor guy, he's really big for his age and I think his dinky little crib-sized mattress just doesn't comfortably support his weight anymore.

Anyway... getting to the point... we were in this one thrift store and I was casually checking out this long isle of old tablecloths and draperies and things because I thought I might find something cheap I could cut up and use for crafts / quilting / other random projects....

lo and behold....

A strange, unearthly glow was beckoning to me from down the line... the print had some serious retro vibes, but the colours were all 90s... but 90s on ecstasy at a rave on another planet with glow sticks and black light... SERIOUSLY, the photos don't even begin to show you the immense fluorescent presence of this crazy fabric!

I can't remember what I paid for it, but it was definitely a steal. They had no idea of the quality of item they were selling, I'm sure. I mean, this piece of fabric should be in a museum... or maybe in some sort of repository! It seriously looks radioactive! There was no way I could walk out of that store the same person...

...and there was no way I could walk out that store without that fabric in my possession!

I really don't know what it had originally been used for, which is too bad because I would have loved to see that fabric in action. It is quite a heavy, canvasy type of fabric and it is doubled up, so, I got quite I bit of it. I think there might be enough to reupholster a beautiful old arm chair I purchased this spring.

Oh my goodness, I see this magnificent thing in my head and I wish I had the extra money to have it done... Just imagine the majority of the chair covered in that and then the wood parts painted that neon pink or orange or green... maybe green... green sounds good...


It would have no place in my house, though... as I already have colour schemes planned. Although, I would LOVE to have my art room / craft room / our home office done all CRAZY like that! White walls, white trim, white furniture, & NEON COLOURED FABRICS... that would be cheerful and eccentric... two wonderful things!

Anyway, I don't really know what I'll do with the fabric, but for now, I just enjoy looking at it and am so stoked about my awesome find!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the photos -- we had fun taking pictures with the funky fabric.

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soulbrush said...

hey girlfriend, i am sooo glad you found me in bloggyland, am gonna add you to my list of favourites on my sidebar and visit you often now, you won't get rid of me again. love that print- you know how much i love vibrant, and as for that cutie patootie, he is a real darling little boy.