Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fabulously Kitsch!

I am hosting a swap over at IllustratedATCs.com called "Vintage Kitsch"... here hasn't been a whole lot of interest in it (two people have signed up so far) and so, I thought I would push all my other ATCs on my To-Do list back and work on my cards for that swap first... I thought that if I could post some cards to the thread, it might generate a little interest.

I had so much fun making those cards! LET ME TELL YOU! They took a lot of work and a lot of googling and flickr searching to get reference images of what was in my mind... but they turned out even better than I had planned! I am SO happy with them. I decided to stick them for sale on Etsy in hopes of getting some sales as my sales have been looooow this month... and if they don't sell, then I'll use them in my swap... if they do sell, I'll just make new cards for my swap.

Anyway, here are some photos of the process...

I do NOT like using rulers or measuring stuff... it slows me down and makes me grumpy... LOL... so, to do this retro wallpaper, I drew out the pattern and cut it out to colour around so that I could be sure that the shape was the same for every strip... but then when I started painting it, it got all off anyway... oh well... hahaha... I'm not a perfectionist, that's why I normally draw in scribbles! hah!

My regular method of making Art Cards is to draw, lightly ink, paint, and re-ink... but with these guys I decided to use my watercolour pencil crayons first... which was fun! It has been so long since I played with them!

So, here all three are coloured and painted and whatnot, and just need their finishing ink job... wooo.... and you can see them below all framed up nicely. You can check out my gallery on IllustratedATCs.com to see the actual scans of them if you feel so inclined.

Hope you enjoyed this post... I haven't been posting my art on this blog enough lately!!

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